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March 23 – 30, 2019
C O S T A    R I C A

Find your pura vida :: pure life

Come with us on a journey to Pura Vida Retreat and Spa. Pure Vida means “pure life” and you will enjoy your unique experience at one of the world’s foremost Wellness & Yoga destinations. Join us in nourishing your mind, body and spirit while exploring the hidden beauty of Costa Rica.

Our mornings will begin with sunrise meditations for those that are early risers. Followed by a morning yoga program using one of the beautiful yoga studios on sight. The morning practice will be followed by breakfast featuring outstanding local foods and recipes.  The days are yours to spend as you wish: at the pool and hot tub, lounging, using the spa services, and a variety of ½ and full day adventures Monday thru Friday.** Lunch is served at Pura Vida or have a boxed lunch (included in price) prepared for you to take on your day trip. Our evenings will offer several types of optional classes throughout the week. We’ll close each day with dinner and sharing friendship around the fire pit.




Pura Vida was a delightful experience!  The Vista room provided a breathtaking view of the central valley, both day and night.  The food was fresh and flavorful, especially using the various homemade sauces provided.  My daily turmeric tonic was delicious as well. The yoga was varied and enjoyable and I meditated daily for the first time! All of my spa treatments were unique, mindful and thoroughly enjoyable! Thank you!



The retreat to Costa Rica was a trip to the no judgment zone with fun, happy people embracing the world of healthy living.  I enjoyed amazing food, relaxing meditation, spa treatments, enlightening excursions and yoga; all of which has introduced me to a new, healthy and enjoyable way of life. Thank you!!



This retreat and mixture of people was just amazing! I loved every minute of it!  Everything from the people to the food to the excursions were just so much fun!  The yoga was awesome, the treatments were amazing and the staff was so thoughtful! This was my first yoga retreat experience and I will definitely be there for the next one! Thank you!!


This was such a wonderful leap of faith for me!  I didn’t know the group very well but based on the joy I always felt after classes at Shanteel, I was drawn to do something unlike I’ve never done before. What a fun group of people; so much laughter, some personal insights and hopefully some growth.  Great choices on excursions and spa treatments.  I am so glad I came.  Thank you!!


The resort was beautiful, it was well maintained and clean.  The food was excellent, fresh and well prepared. The excursions were fun and the pool area was great for socializing.  I stayed in a tentalow and enjoyed it very much and highly recommend.


The resort was surrounded by lush foliage and tropical flowers. I awoke each morning to the sound of birds singing, the smell of fresh coffee and guided meditation and yoga. The food was organic and the taste was exceptional.  Although I did not know many people on the retreat, I felt welcome and included. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for a unique experience.



The Lodge at Woodloch  

April 20 – 21, 2017
An overnight escape to refuel, refocus & refresh

Thank you all that attended!!   Some feedback from a few of our new friends…

LOVED the yoga classes very much!!  Marcy, you are amazing!  You were very open and real.  You moved the class to another level!    Thank you so much.     – Susan

Ken was a great yoga instructor and offered great nutritional information.  Marcy’s openness about her experiences made me understand and feel the subject matter.     – Susan

Marcy provided a vision on how to be able to be yourself; honest, unafraid, kind to oneself and real.   It made me want to continue on a path of growth.     – Renata

THANK YOU Marcy Stone!!  Namaste’ You Rock! We love you!    – Ashley


Please join me and Ken Bell for a very special event.

One evening and one day…expanded energy and nourishment in less time!!! 
There will be healthy, farm to table food, yoga, meditation and good practices will be shared for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.
I have the pleasure of speaking at this event and will be sharing the fundamental values that Aubrey, Sydney and I practiced in our life that, after losing Sydney so tragically, is enabling me the ability to heal, recover and move forward and WITH NO REGRETS.
Learn how to make meaningful changes in your life…
Please reserve your place today for this very intimate event.
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transformation in paradise

M A R C H  1 1  —  1 8,   2 0 1 7
C O S T A    R I C A

Thank you all that attended!!   Some feedback from a few of our new friends…

COSTA RICA TRANSFORMATION IN PARADISE. What a beautiful place to rejuvenate. This was a trip of a lifetime. Personal yoga classes where I learned so much from Ken Bell & Marcy Stone. Valuable lessons that I’m taking home with me. Food, meeting new people and making new friends, spa treatments, excursions… this trip had it all. Thank you Ken & Marcy for an awesome journey that will be remembered forever.     – Cassandra

Hola amigos! Gracias Marcy & Ken for organizing this delightful trip. Costa Rica is a beautiful country. If anyone would like to view more photos from our trip to Costa Rica, please click on the link below. Enjoy! – Tony 

Marcy, fabulous Yoga Retreat at Pura Vida in Costa Rica in March 2017! Thank you so much for organizing this and inviting me. The venue was lovely and the view from my room breathtaking! Ken Bell led amazing yoga practices two times a day and he provided wonderful adjustments in our poses which really helped each of us progress. The food was delicious, fresh, and healthy! The other amenities and activities provided a wide variety of things to do! Lastly the yoga studio was wonderful! Let me know what is next!   – Betsy 

Hosted by Ken Bell & Marcy Stone