Soulfull Paths Technique

“Healing the beliefs that hinder you from the happiness, fulfillment, health & success you desire”.

What is the Soulfull Paths technique

The Soulfull Paths®technique was created by Marcy Stone in 2015.  Her journey started with a recurring dream she had as a child and over the last 15 years she has expanded her understanding to bring that childhood vision to fruition.

The Soulfull Paths® technique is a blend of noetic science, applied quantum physics and life force healing.   The technique is applied while the practitioner functions within a “Theta” and “delta” brainwave and can affect the depths of truth not understood by the intellect that advance the consciousness and human experience to serve individual transformation, which can also effect our collective transformation.

By clearing false or limiting beliefs, eliminating elements that hinder your energy’s capacity, we are making room for more positive thoughts, attitudes and habits providing space for whatever your soul is willing to embrace for an overall shift of mind, body and spirit alignment.   This is then solidified through meditation, yoga, nutrition and other forms of “homework” that help you to remain focused, creating long-term benefits for a world of radiant human beings that are actively manifesting their dreams and gifts into reality.

theory AND execution

Friends, family, self help books, even celebrities have theories of things that helped them accomplish where they want to be in life; their ideal weight, a fabulous job or the best romantic relationship but when they share the execution of how they got there, it gets a little murky or hard to comprehend.

This is because everyone needs things personalized to fit their individual needs and timelines in order for a successful outcome. We each have our own “issues, stuff, fears, blocks, drama” to work through and heal in order for our ideal scenarios to unfold as we would imagine. Working within the SoulfullPaths® technique allows the theory and execution process to be completely customized to fit you; from how you need to hear things to the speed in which you are able to accept and embrace the transitions necessary for you.

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