intuitive life guide

what is an intuitive life guide?

As an intuitive life guide, Marcy provides a safe environment for trust, non-judgment and the ability to have confidential conversations with an unbiased view and uncensored voice. These traits allow her to support you in meaningful and effective ways.

Marcy brings a positive and beaming energy while combining important skills such as her intuitive sense, project management, compassionate listening, planning, execution and most importantly accountability at an individual level.




take it on. bloom. expand.

Whether you are looking to expand personally, professionally or spiritually, working with a Life Guide will assist you in creating and executing the steps necessary to allow yourself to blossom and deeply connect to your deepest dreams & desires, finding joy in all you touch.

“I believe I am able to assist anyone that is open and willing to heal (on many levels), and ready to be their truest and best self…inside and out.”

Our work together is customized to meet YOUR needs and YOUR goals.          


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Contact Marcy to discuss your heart’s desires and your wishes and dreams for your life. Your transformation STARTS NOW, with this simple step of making a connection.

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