rediscover your natural blueprint™

what is…

…your Natural Blueprint™?   It is life as you were meant to experience it when you came into this world and understanding how to embrace this honest version of you, minus the fears, false beliefs, traumas, roadblocks, drama; things that restrict you from being your truest and greatest you.


…the benefit of… 

…rediscovering your natural blueprint™?   By practicing your newly adapted life skills with a positive mental attitude — and no longer living with the emotional weights that held you down — you will continually be encouraged & liberated in a pure and honest way.  You will be able to shine bright, be at your best, your happiest and live your truest path beautifully…INSIDE and OUT




by being focused. intentional. purposeful…

we will work in a VERY fluid fashion, always coming back to the center to realign — using the appropriate modality or tool for what you need at the time.  Each session/person/experience is customized and uniquely personal.

marcy’s unique process, The Soulfull Paths® Technique is personalized and powerful!

unleash your possibilities. Working with the modalities below, enables you the opportunities to do things that were previously blocked. Results are a full heart, overflowing emotion, love, and a sense of oneness or completeness you might not have experienced before.

modalities & tools we may use and explore

Light Warrior

  • Theta Healing
  • Lifeforce Energy Healing
  • Reiki
  • Yoga

Reflection and Expansion Techniques

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Conversations with friends/family/colleagues
  • Establish your 5 life priorities

celebrate your successes — humbly and with graceful gratitude.  You will have released many false beliefs and habits that hinder your success!   Also having gained the ability and know how to continue to track your life path progress; how to listen to what’s not being said, trust your intuition, stand in your power as well as the balance within your 5 life priorities — and any other delicious discoveries that come to the surface at that time.     Discover what success can sound like!


The sacred and uniquely beautiful flowing dreamcatcher is a perfect symbol to represent the type of work we will do together. There are many views on how a dreamcatcher works. The one that resonates most with me is the belief that bad, scary, stale or negative energies fall through the webbing. The good dreams/visions/intentions and energies stay within the web and flow down the feathers into your soul — allowing them the chance to have life breathed into them. THAT’S where the fun —our work — begins!


Illustration by Chloe Bell


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