shout outs about the Soulfull Paths® Technique

There are many moments when we long for help and guidance.  Things CAN be less stressful. You CAN manage your time better. You CAN be better organized, successful. The weight is lifted. A new lens is put in place to view life. Each day is new and refreshing, the way it used to be. The way it’s supposed to be. In absolutely no time at all, Marcy helps you get where you WANT to be. Connect with Marcy. Find yourself again, your true self. It feels AMAZING!!!!   Melissa


One of the most incredible experiences of my life, that is not an exaggeration! I had lost my voice and could barely speak. Moments after working with Marcy using this technique, my voice returned. It’s inferable, literally too great to be described in words because it sounds miraculous. This is where science meets magic and is one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself. It healed my trauma at the root without me having to go through all the pain.  Thank you Marcy!    Jamey of Lansdale


I have had this rash for years! The Doctor called it “pickers nodule”.  It’s almost gone and I am not getting new ones.  Theta is amazing. My legs don’t itch anymore!!!!  Next time I want to work on other body issues.  It was great to be with you. Your whole being is such an inspiration to me.    

Hugs Linda


Since Marcy has been using her Soulfull Paths technique with me, I have felt and seen a profound change in my life in a short time. The healing relationship within myself has brought back purpose and love of self to my life. I look forward to the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being that Marcy, with the help of her personalized techniques, will bring into my life.      Rachael


From the moment I met Marcy, I felt completely comfortable.  I was really nervous before our first meeting but 2 minutes in and I felt like I was talking to a friend that I had for years. When looking back on our 10 sessions, I can’t believe all of the things that we talked about. Our discussions and the areas that Marcy helped me with included but aren’t limited to; dealing with my mom’s death, organizing my life, setting boundaries with others, helping my relationship with my husband, great ideas for parenting, finances, my job, short and long term goals and she even got me to get all of my important papers in order! My husband and I had been going back and forth on our will for over 4 years. Marcy helped me to get it done and signed. The list really goes on and on. Marcy has a special gift to be able to listen and intuitively help you in the way that you need the help. I remember one day when she arrived she said to me that she really felt that she needed to ask me about my mom that day. That week I had really been struggling and I needed to talk. Some of my favorite conversations and guidance from Marcy was when we talked about parenting. Just watching her talk about her girls, her face would light up. She gave me such great advice and tools to be a better parent. I truly aspire to have the same relationship with my two girls as she has had with hers. Every week, we would discuss the things that I was dealing with and she would always have such loving, insightful guidance for me. The things that she taught me are true gifts that I will take with me through the rest of my life. Marcy is very gifted and talented in what she does. I am very thankful for the time that I was able to share with her.

Tara in Pottstown

There are people who walk the Earth ready to serve. Upon meeting them sometimes it’s not made clear how they will be there to serve to reach your highest self. Marcy Stone is one of these people. My first meeting with Marcy was a student in her yoga class. Her energy and presence are strong. She is a masterful teacher. She not only talks you through the pose, she helps you feel the pose and shows you how to listen to your body. You are fully present in class and in self. The energy of her class unfolds organically and spiritually. She allows you to participate as much or as little as you’d like. She offers yet doesn’t push. I found it best at first to let it wash over me. We connected through a crystal she gave out in my second class. This I found it poetic given her name – Stone. It became one of the class that I would not miss. I became a believer in her medicine. You take the medicine as you feel the need to.

We next connected during a group mediation she lead. This is when I know she was to be a part of my spiritual path of healing and growing. Her voice is hypnotic. Her ability to help you see the journey clearly in your mind’s eye is nothing short of magical. My meditative experience was one of the most revealing although at the time, I didn’t know it. Her guidance has allowed me to “see” clearly the things that are truly present. She has the ability to open portals that may have been hidden for a long time. This has been my path to healing. She has been a source of coaching me through this pathway. All of the dark things that have been pushed down and buried are now opening and healing. Light has a way of burning way the darkness so you can step out and live life joyfully. I am allowing myself to live in joy with Marcy’s help. She is truly here to serve and she does it with a warm and generous spirit.  She has helped me to enrich my spiritual and earthly life. She is here to walk the journey with me and I truly am grateful she is.

Angela in Philadelphia

I began working with Marcy at a crossroads in my life. Having been diagnosed with a chronic illness with few treatment options, in addition to coming out of a year of immense stress and inner struggle, I needed a new direction and someone to help me find it. Marcy has helped me find that new direction and has been a guide along a path of newfound health, positivity, and success. With Marcy’s help I have identified areas in my diet that were contributing to my illness and the changes I had to make to find improved health. Additionally, Marcy has been a wonderful sounding board as I work through a season of change in my life. She is a fantastic listener and provides the best and most thorough advice. I cannot speak highly enough of Marcy and the incredible, caring, and special work she does!

Taraneh of Skippack, PA

The most benevolent manner in which to thank you for the tremendous shift you’ve made to my life is to tell the world how you’ve helped me. I came to you without focus, without pinpointing my true problems. You asked me poignant questions and as I answered you sculpted my responses with your insight thereby raising the true essence, the core of my answers, my words. I didn’t always like the results but you also helped me realize that my ego was a roadblock to my enlightenment. When finally putting my ego aside the truth was so apparent. No one ever has had this effect on me. You actually navigated me to uncover the source of my problems myself!!!  What?? Accepting the truth coupled with my forgiveness of me, which you’ve guided me to do as well, has brought me incredible joy and revitalized my outlook on life. However the most profound outcome of working with you, which will clear my path as I discover and explore new dimensions, is that I’m actually starting to love myself again. Thank you is not enough.
Bill of Fairfax, Virginia
Lino and I had a great meeting with you. We are so glad that we decided to have intuitive readings with you. You gave so much insight to a lot of issues in our lives.  Thank you again!
Nicole & Lino from Virginia

Marcy sees potential in people and has the ability to develop, guide and mentor the person to do greater things or achieve goals. She is responsive, approachable and always looks for ways to help. Highest level of dependability and empathy.
Deb in Harrisburg, PA

I never would have gotten this far this fast without your help.  You have empathy, insight, courage, a powerful work ethic, and passion.

Bill in Chatsworth, NJ

I came to Marcy Stone in a very tough part of my life. I desperately needed support and guidance. Marcy was there for me above and beyond what I though a guide would do. She listened, encouraged, checked on me during the time between my visits with her. She shared her experiences and knowledge and it will definitely help me throughout my life.  Thank you Marcy.

Faina in Dresher, PA

I’ve not been able to put into words the feeling of being weighed down and obscurity until Marcy was placed on my path.  My sessions with her have been life changing!!  She has so helped me peel off layers of fear, intimidation and self doubt. Because of her, the love and excitement that has been buried so deep inside of me is now free!!!  With Marcy’s help I’ve been able to shed all of the negative things that I’ve been holding on to, that have been literally weighing me down. We all must be on our own priority list. We all must have things that we do for ourselves that frees our inner souls.  Marcy will get you there!!! 

Because of her, my life will never be the same.
Melissa from Skippack, PA

I have sought Marcy’s help across much of the spectrum of guidance she skillfully and masterfully offers. Most recently I experienced a very rapid recovery from a shoulder muscle injury after a calming consultation and Reiki session. Coming from the scientific and clinical side of life I was not expecting anything more than a normal week to two week recovery but my recovery was complete in just a few days. One thing about her approach is that she puts much of the responsibility for the progress on the client, “You are a big part of the success of your well being”.  She will give you homework personalized for you; like a nutrition plan, schedules, teach techniques and she really follows-up on progress as well as providing complete guidance and obviously metaphysical influence to bring one back to a grounded , centered and good place.

Tim in Perkiomenville, PA

I began working with Marcy because I was frustrated at the lack of progress I was making in my career search.  She helped me identify my strengths and challenged some assumptions I was making regarding career options.  She also helped me keep the long-term and big picture goals in mind.  As a result, I have a much clearer and more focused career search plan.  And one that better fits with my passions, strengths, and life goals.  She did a wonderful job helping me to help myself.  I am excited about my new direction.

Rose Ann in Newtown Square, PA

Marcy has earned a place in my heart as a deeply trusted guide and source of empowerment. She has taught me how to heal myself and find my own power which has improved my life drastically. Her knowledge of holistic health and her keen intuition never fails to impress me and uplift me in my times of need.

Kim from Schwenksville, PA

While going through a very challenging situation in my life, a co-worker referred me to Marcy.  I had never sought counseling in the past — typically relied on myself to sort things out so I was ambivalent to share my personal situation with others.  I can’t thank my co-worker enough for bringing Marcy into my life.  Her introspective approach and moving at my own pace was the activities helped me to regain my strength, my vision and perspective, pointing me on a more healthy and positive path for my family and me!

Nancy from Collegeville, PA

When I started with Marcy I knew that I was looking towards a different path. I was full of anxiety, body issues, and many issues from my past.  Marcy has opened my mind to learning what makes me unique makes me beautiful.  Facing some of the darkness of my past isn’t so scary when Marcy is walking with you through the darkness and bringing in the light.  I have embraced all the knowledge that Marcy has and continues to give me.  The wonderful new path I am on is full of light and love.  Marcy goes beyond being a life coach, she will help you change the energy in your life and bring out your inner power.

Rachael from Collegeville, PA

I have been experiencing some major transitions — which are significant cross roads in my life. Marcy assisted me in developing a stronger awareness of my inner strengths as well as what other people depend on me for.  She encouraged me to talk about what wasn’t working for me and focus on what was going well.  She kept in contact throughout the week with support and motivation. Very quickly she began to notice trends and themes that revealed themselves in various aspects of my life. As a result of our coaching sessions, I became more aware of some profound disappointment and grief I have felt throughout my life. She was able to encourage healing through listening, journal assignments, Reiki and breathing exercises — all of which were very powerful aids in assisting me to shed the painful results of some of my life’s biggest disappointments.  We also identified ways for me to catch myself before slipping back into a “comfortable” behavior {that doesn’t work out well for me} so that I could continue my positive direction of growth.  We also designed a life plan, Elements of My Ideal Life, to ensure I continue to live my purpose in life and keep the 5 major areas (identified in this plan) of my life on track.  With Marcy keeping me on task throughout this amazing process, I feel like myself again. I have a brighter outlook and have renewed my confidence in myself as well as the direction I am taking in my life.

Christy in Harleysville, PA

Marcy Stone has helped me through many transitions in my life since 2008…business changes, family issues and significant life events.  I was not always a cooperative client, but she was patient with me as I went through my changes.  She opened my eyes to my strengths and new ideas.  She has a calming quality about her, but she also will stand up to me when I am being stubborn about moving forward.  Most of the time, it’s the fear of change, so she listens and helps me get to where I want to go by conquering these fears.  It is wonderful to have her on my side as a life guide, confidant and friend.  My life has changed for the better with her guidance.

Holly in Egg Harbor, NJ

I just had my second guided meditation session led by Marcy. I cannot thank her enough for the way she conducted the session. Marcy has this special gift, in which she knows exactly what each of us needs the most at that time, and she once again did an amazing job helping and coaching us through the meditation. It was a fantastic event and I very much look forward to participating in future ones. Thank you Marcy!

Renata in Collegeville