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Thank you everyone for such an outpouring of love and support through the process of bringing my book to life.   It warms my heart and I am eternally grateful.

Advanced Praise for “The Voice of An Angel”!!!  I am humbled…

The Voice of an Angel is a warm, compassionate guide for any parent that has experienced the unspeakable grief of losing a child. Marcy is a remarkable example of courage and grace in the face of intense pain, as she takes the reader by the hand and leads them on a path toward hope and healing. May God bless Marcy for sharing her wisdom for how to cope with life’s most difficult tragedy. The journey never ends, but having someone with whom to share it makes it more bearable than it otherwise would be.

David Fox, M.D., Author of Comfort, Healing, and Joy: Secrets to Living a Magnificent Life


With the energetic whispers of the spirit of Sydney from the other side, this momma bear and daughter partnership reveals an easier way to travel through and experience that, which is in all respects far from easy.”The Voice of an Angel” is a beautiful testament to a brave, courageous and determined momma bear who refused to allow her biggest tragedy to break her and instead rebirthed her in a stronger wiser and more present version of herself.

Jo Jayson Intuitive Artist, Teacher and Author of the award winning book Self-Love through the Sacred Feminine – A guide to self-love through the paintings and channeling of Jo Jayson


This is a “must read” for anyone who has lost a loved one. Marcy provides concrete guidance and support for all of our feelings, emotions and thoughts. She shows us how to navigate our lives, allowing the love of our “lost one” to flow through us, thus never really being lost or forgotten. This book is a powerful tool for navigating loss and grief and reclaiming a joyous life.

Karolee Schloth, M. Ed. Spiritual Teacher and Guide


The Voice of an Angel provides a road map for any Mother who has experienced a sudden and tragic loss of her child. The coping mechanisms Marcy uses to deal with her unbelievable loss can also be applied to everyday life and the message here is simple; LOVE. Marcy reminds us to live by simple and easy to understand principles and have faith, as hard as it may be sometimes, and life will be much more beautiful.

Sgt. Daniel Mulligan, Head of the Crash, Analysis and Reconstruction Unit


“The Voice of an Angel” is a very warm and touching book with so much empowering content. Understanding and learning that grief is different for everyone and embracing the tools that Marcy brings to the table, helps to navigate and feel valid in how we see ourselves through this journey.  Her total honesty and vulnerability allowed me to process through the emptiness that has been left behind in losing my son. As I am four years into my process, this books techniques’ to navigating this journey has helped me feel like maybe I haven’t totally lost my mind.

Susan Childers


This book was a true testament of a mother’s ultimate pain and biggest fear of losing a child. It is a book of her anguish and journey to rise above it while helping others travel through her personal experience. She is an inspiration to all that has suffered any loss that life can continue with healing love.This book is a must read for not only those that have lost a loved one but for anyone who has lived through trauma. It brought tears to my eyes and gratitude in my heart.

Claudine Shuster


What do you say when someone loses a loved one let alone a child? What could you possibly do? What do you do when it is you losing a loved one or child? Marcy’s book is a valuable resource to help answer questions like these and countless others. Reading ‘Voice of an Angel’ resonates with every soul because it speaks to being present in your life, everyday living, and loving. It can be a resource before you’ve experienced an incredibly painful loss and it is helpful when you, like the rest of us, experience your losses. We all have time, when we make room for it. Many will softly suggest making time for this book and you will also pass it along. Allow ‘Voices of an Angel’ in and understand the change we all continue to endure. Even if you don’t read cover to cover in a traditional sense of the practice, use segments, parts, and pieces of this book to effect your journey from this moment forward.

Kerrie Kittredge


The Voice of an Angel is a wonderful book. I found it to be so inspiring. The journey on which Marcy is on to get this information out to people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The tools are unique and this will help people to grieve and heal in their own way and time. To empower people to not feel guilty about anything they are feeling or doing through this process. What a gift!!

Brenda Haslego
Yoga Instructorr, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher


A great resource for those in need; grieving is one of those personal subjects rarely discussed. Voice of an Angel provides a much needed gude for those working through the process.

Tom Carroll


Ms. Stone was able to offer a different approach to life after the loss of a child. Having hope of thriving and happiness again with a clear roadmap is an element in writing the market is lacking. I thought the blend of her personal struggles, accompanied by a guideline to follow was such a benefit to the reader. The balance of the two will be such an effective new tool for parents working through this most difficult circumstance.

Joanne Braunsberg


Experiencing the tragic loss of her beautiful daughter, Marcy Stone shares with us the benefits of staying in the moment. To feel the pain without idling in the pain. To feel and release. Reminding us what really is the core of all things.  The Voice of an Angel is the guidance that is so necessary for all of us to live by today.

Melissa Godfrey


I cannot put into words the raw and powerful emotions in this book. While I never knew Sydney, the book shows how special she was. A parent’s worst nightmare, losing a child. For all parents who have to live it, a mother who has lived it offers heartfelt and honest feelings to help the grieving process and living, when all seems lost. I admire Marcy’s courage, I can only image how difficult this book was to write, but I am sure Sydney and Marcy will have warm smiles inside knowing that that courage has provided hope and encouragement to those suffering the worst loss. Read this book, hug your kids, (no matter how old) and thank Marcy (and Sydney) for this incredible work

Joe Booth

While I have not lost a child,Marcy’s book has provided me with three incredible gifts. First,gratitude that I have not experienced anything close to the emotional turmoil shared in this book.To live more unconditionally and with more vulnerability as my children learn by my example. And third ,the foresight to forever treasure my children in ways I hadn’t imagined possible. This book offers the story of heartbreak, courage and resilience. The Voice of an Angel provides a structure and concepts that we can incorporate in our daily living to enhance ourselves and our relationships going forward to ensure we begin living with no regrets. Thank you Marcy!

Steve Colebaugh


Marcy Stone is truly a Thriving Warrior: A woman of faith who displays the courage and strength to grieve and forgive in the face of adversity. In the depths of her grief after the death of her youngest daughter, Sydney, Marcy chooses to adapt to her new reality. She shares heart wrenching and raw emotion of losing a child, being present for her oldest daughter and clearly depicts a process or guide on the healing process. This is a must read for anyone who has lost a LOVED ONE of any age.

Mary Hall


And my first “Editorial Review” by Chick Lit Cafe

The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How To Thrive After The Loss of a Child by Marcy Stone relates the author’s story of recovery following the tragic death of her daughter. Sydney Stone died as a result of a motor vehicle accident on Christmas Eve, 2016. Marcy begins her story with recounting the special and close relationship she had with her daughter, Sydney, and her oldest daughter, Aubrey. Marcy knew that her time with Sydney would be limited, and so made every effort to ensure that the family always lived and experienced their love for one another, and made every day special.

After the tragic accident that took Sydney’s life, Sydney began to visit Marcy in her dreams, encouraging her to be true to herself, to be strong, and to rise above the overwhelming emotions that threatened to drag her down into an endless depression. With Sydney watching over her, and Aubrey walking beside her, Marcy explores the steps she took – and still takes – to be an overcomer and to survive such a life-altering event.

In The Voice of an Angel, the author, Marcy Stone, describes such complex and heart-wrenching emotions as she faces her terrible loss, and yet the reader is left with a sense of hope and encouragement and positivity, which is not what I expected from a guide to dealing with grief, and was a pleasant surprise and in some ways a relief. It is hard to imagine how a mother (or any parent) can recover from such awful circumstances, but Marcy has managed to encapsulate all of the negative and harmful emotions and feelings and surround them with love, to draw out determination, and to offer those grieving hope that they will be able to function again without their loved one. A quote from the book that struck me as particularly poignant was “Grief makes us understand the power of love.”

As well as a personal story of survival, The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How To Thrive After The Loss of a Child is a guide for all who have lost a loved one, not just a child, but a parent, or a friend, or a relative. The guide can be taken as a step-by-step journey and there is no time limit, but there is a goal. There are even graphics to help understanding, and refreshers that can be worked through at a pace determined by the reader. I expected to be tearful and depressed, but this book is full of hope. Chick Lit Café highly recommends The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How To Thrive After The Loss of a Child by Marcy Stone.


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