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…”Even with the guidance of my Angel, it took me time to get a handle on allowing myself to feel the actual emotion the anger was protecting me from and it was usually the deep feeling I was dodging.   The voice of my Angel says to me, “Momma, feel the pain, lean into it.   Find the love, that is what will get you through”…this was a mantra for quite a long time and I find it visits me often, still.  So staying present in the pain and allowing yourself to feel all that flows through you, honoring it and what it represents within you will be a very large piece of this healing process…”

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  1. A mantra that can be used in whatever hardship you are working on . not only loosing a loved one but in so many of life’s experiences with trauma in general. Can not wait to read this and listen to the wise words of “The Voice of an Angel”