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Life After Losing a Child: Becoming Whole Again

Life After Losing a Child: Becoming Whole Again

* by Marcy Stone  

“If you are reading this, you have just experienced every parent’s worst nightmare, the loss of your beloved child.”  This is the opening line on the back cover of my book, “The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s guide to grief and how to thrive after the loss of a child”. While completely devastated and initially unable to address the fact that their child is forever gone, through this book my audience is able to feel that they are not alone. Having been there, I reach out to them through each page. They are given permission to grieve utilizing a proven process to guide them, as well as provided unconditional love and hope that they will someday feel better about life and this new reality. All in their own divine timing.

The Voice of an Angel is about my journey through the loss of my daughter at the tender age of 21. I was unable to find anything of comfort or value online that would offer me guidance and then I heard my daughter’s voice loud and clear, “momma, help people. It’s what you do. There are and will be people, specifically momma bears, that will be grieving the loss of their babies and won’t have anywhere “healthy” to turn. The ones that are drawn to what you write are “difference makers” like you and whether they realize it or not yet, they too, will do things with their lives to be extra-ordinary, in their own way. Be vulnerable and show them what is possible. Show them what it is to love momma.” (page 53- 54). So with her love and guidance, The Voice of an Angel was born.

Written for grieving parents, The Voice of an Angel is specifically directed towards mothers. I provide visuals throughout the book in order to clearly depict what may seem cloudy at this particular time of life. There are chapters that break down the grief wheel, incorporate core values and guiding principles as well as basic fundamentals. These fundamentals ensure self-care in a time when it’s the last thing you are thinking about but is paramount to you making it through this journey in a healthy way. Also provided are insights, journal entries and vulnerable moments to continue to identify with the reader so that they may feel compelled to trust in the process.

As I deliberate this swift and cataclysmic wisdom, that I know added to an already overflowing box of tools, I am left to wonder if each one of the tools of knowledge and experience I possess need a modification of sorts to address this significant difference in me and how I might now deliver them to help others.

The reality in which they were created is no more. Yet with this wisdom of rawness and vulnerability, I find that as I approach life, this “gift” that has now been bestowed upon me, enhances every thought, emotion, action and concept. Despite my conscious mind pondering the steps now needed, my soul intrinsically, intuitively has already begun this transition. Regardless of the difference in the pain and turmoil I am experiencing through this loss, my role is “to be”, to “allow” and embrace the love as I travel, no different than any other stage in my life thus far. Only this segment of the journey I know I now have an Angel that says, “slow down momma, you won’t want to miss this”.

*** Marcy Stone is a certified and accomplished Intuitive Life Guide for over 15 years and holds advanced training certificates in several healing modalities in addition to having over 17 years of business leadership experience.

Following the tragic death of her youngest daughter, Marcy remembers hearing Sydney’s words within the first month of losing her, “stay in the pain momma, as hard as that is to do, so your heart stays open and you can feel love…” Most people don’t approach their grief until after the first year…. “I found that for me, and for people like me, that the first year is the most critical time to address the heart, while it is still numb”. This book is the process she created in order to live through that horrific experience and find ways to enjoy life again, creating what she calls her new reality, which has reinvigorated her passion for her life long purpose.

How she became who she is today started with a dream when she was very young. Marcy’s dream, at that time, was a naïve “call to heal” but it has been an underlying and subconscious motivator for her and who she is becoming. She believes she will always be morphing and growing, which motivates her in bringing that dream to life. Marcy’s purpose is to help others become empowered in their lives and live their truest path.

Marcy holds advanced training in Akashic Records, Theta Healing, Life Force Energy Healing and Hypnosis. She is also a Reiki Master, as well as a Certified International Yoga Instructor, Esthetician and Ordained Minister. She is a lifetime student of the healing arts–including meditation, prayer, yoga, and visualization and she brings her passion for growth and self-empowerment into her work and life. Marcy is married to the man of her dreams and has two beautiful daughters, one that walks with her and one that watches over her.

As the creator of The Soulfull Paths® Technique, Marcy is committed to helping create a world of radiant human beings that are actively manifesting their dreams and gifts into reality. The Soulfull Paths® technique is a blend of noetic science, applied quantum physics and life force healing. The technique can affect the depths of truth not understood by the intellect, that advance the consciousness and human experience to serve individual transformation, which can also effect our collective transformation.

The Voice of An Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How to Thrive After the Loss of a Child by Marcy Stone is available for purchase on Amazon at

Marcy and her husband Ken have also co-authored a cookbook, “The Best of Both Worlds Cookbook” honoring the memory of their daughter. This very untraditional cookbook takes traditional recipes submitted by friends and families in tribute to loved ones lost and are converted into healthier vegan options of themselves. It demonstrates that you are able to eat healthy and still have all the great flavors your palate and memories long for. Their first cookbook focuses on comfort food while their second book, launched in March 2019, is centered on finger foods. They plan on doing a total of 4 cookbooks this year.

To learn more about Marcy Stone and her healing techniques, visit or on Facebook.


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