January 29, 2017

Being completely vulnerable (as always), Sundays are probably one of the harder days for me as a mom and friend, missing my Sydney. It was our “snuggle & pink blankie pj veg day”. Sometimes we had hours and sometimes only an hour but it was always quality and treasured.

As we were cleaning up the christmas stuff this year, I found the present Sydney had left for me. I hestitated opening it but did and in it was just another reminder of just how special she was and how well she knew me and valued our special moments. In the package was a cozy shirt that says “Sundays are for snuggling”…

So today is Sunday and I find myself ebbing a bit, but am being kind to myself, allowing the emotions and staying with the goodness of the memories and feeling the love that flows through my veins.

This picture is Sydney’s graduation picture in 2014. Such a beauty….inside and out.

Sharing to all that loved her & miss her. You are all in my hearts…