love YOUR body

I have come to realize over my years that I have a fairly athletic body. I’m not talking marathons or competitions, but I am saying that I need some form of exercise every day and for a few reasons:

  • It clears my head and my emotions
  • I have energy to burn
  • I enjoy certain forms of exercise
  • I am very much a nature girl
  • …and I like homemade pasta!!

To the best of my knowledge, I have Pennsylvania Dutch heritage (and who knows what else is mixed in this potion of me) and, without insulting the masses, if I allowed that to be a crutch, I would look much different than I do today. The same with genetics. Both of my parents have conditions, and I could succumb to the theory of most: “that it’s genetic, so I am doomed”.  Not the case either.

Love your body. Know your body. Respect your body. Be positive about your body!!  

If you aren’t happy with a part of you, why?  And what are you willing to do about it?  Do you have the dedication and desire to create a new good habit (and see it through) so that it becomes a part of your every day?  What commitment are you willing to make to change your body?

or, is it a simpler solution: change the way you look at your body and then the issue seems to no longer be an issue  

That means change from “I don’t like my nose” to “My nose is beautiful, and because of it, I can sing as beautiful as Barbra Streisand!!!!”  How about that for positive change in mental focus!!!


stop right here.

Nugget: we all have choices and, believe it OR NOT, your body is a RESULT of those choices! Consider these:

  1. God made you a certain way and gave you the capability to take care of yourself and to make changes (I do not mean God created plastic surgeons!)
  2. Listen to your body! Really!! It is trying to tell you what it needs. Love what it says, and honor it by giving it what it is asking for. Type of food, water, sleep, stress, exercise…when you do something, lesson to how you are responding. You will notice a big difference in how you feel, how things feel on you, and then believe it or not, how other people feel when they are around you!  No kidding!!
  3. Choices. Again, choose to love you for who you have decided to be. Don’t use excuses of allergies, genetics, health issues…these are, for the most part, all poppycock! Get to the root of the issue.
  4. Dedication & Will. What are you willing to do consistently and WHY?  If you can answer this realistically, and in healthy ways, then make a simple plan, 3 steps at a time.
  5. Remove DIET from your vocabulary!!!  It’s poison to our psyche!!! Nutrition program is a very healthy way to view this.Works wonders!!  Try it.
  6. Working out. Remove this too! It sounds terrible!!! You are a sophisticated person that has a training program or fitness program. Much more positive!!!

First, congratulate yourself for making a choice, whatever you decided. That is big. No more sitting on the fence. Then, every time to adhere to your 3 step plan, mark it down in your outlook, and then celebrate with maybe that book you heard about, or going to a movie with a friend…

And always find ways to grace your soul… Namaste.