random nuggets

warning: don’t feed the ego

Who do we need to be for ourselves and then for our loved ones? Establishing limits and boundaries to be true to ourselves is a necessary thing.  Someone that sets no boundaries is feeding everyone else’s needs and not their own— which is external validation, and is ego based vs. soul based. Pride is the nemesis to healing.

We are made to grow and transform, to stretch our very being, but our ego gets in the way of allowing ourselves to uncover the key that unlocks our greatest gifts and potential. Intuitively know what we need.  We get in our own way of living a fulfilling life.  We are ALL capable of a soulful, spiritual transformation.

We simply need to release and surrender, allow ourselves to be vulnerable with those we love, break our old ways of living and doing things, and embrace what feels good and right.  It’s a start to living intuitively…listening to our soul.

oh no…the status quo

Whether we can admit it to ourselves or not, most of us have been faced with “the status quo”.  We get comfortable with things — whether they are good or not.  We adapt, and rather than taking the chance and making the necessary changes to live happier and more fulfilled, we design invisible layers to protect us from the negative we have so comfortably adapted to.  We may be terrified of doing something really radical, standing out, making a change, or even more — a total transformation.

Transformation offers us our future, our best self, our truest path.  Courage is admitting you are afraid, but going ahead and facing the fear head on anyway!